Case Videos

This Album contains videos from our investigations


In this clip we see Melody and John doing the house blessing. As we walk into the attic, the father begins to feel ill and needs to leave. You can read about that in the report located HERE 

This clip has been placed on the website with the homeowner's permission. Gaussian blur and censorship tone editing was done to protect the identity of the homeowner's.


Melody , Her husband John and I go into the attic to get a feeling on what's exactly going on. The Video recorder is dark at first because I didn't have the IR going. After Melody acclimates herself to the attic, she then begins to get an idea of what we are dealing with and validates what we have been thinking all along. This clip is almost 5 minutes long. You will hear two censorship tones. I had mentioned the homeowners name and had to censor it out. Also there seems to be a few red flashes in the video, this seems to be a technical issue I am having during editing. Please be patient as I am working on this.


After the investigation in Jericho, I was able to merge the EVP from the recorder and the DVR camera video together to get a video clip of what was going on in the attic at the time "You're all gonna die, Get Out!" was caught. The DVR has no audio as you may suspect hence the merging. Please feel free to watch. Please listen closely as this file had to be converted to WMV for uploading to the site.