Jericho Investigation

Hi All,

Well after many months of investigation at this private house in Jericho NY, we may have some closure.

As some of you are aware, the case begins with a Husband, Wife and their three children. As reported earlier, voices have been heard, apparitions seen, and an overall feeling of oppressiveness in the attic.

After doing a walkthrough, two investigations and multiple interviews, LIPRA concluded that indeed there was some sort of malevolent entity located in the attic and the target was the nine year old daughter as well as the rest of the family. This was clearly an intelligent haunting.

During our investigations it appears that everyone on our team had personal experiences, from hearing yells and screams, to being touched, hair pulled and the occasional "spider web" feeling across the face. As a matter of fact; every investigation, walkthrough and interview, with the exception of one, we gained evidence from. It appeared that we found the symptom but not the cause.

Land history records and the personal house history revealed no clues to what would be attempting to trouble this family. In an attempt to find out more and why this was happening, we attempted to contact other paranormal groups to aid and assist us. We needed to be referred to a reputable psychic medium to further this investigation. However after months of contacting people, no one would get back to us.

It appeared that we had exhausted our resources, disheartening to say the least, especially when a nine year old child is being taunted.

Enter Melody Bard and her Husband John.

While researching reputable psychics, I stumbled across Melody’s site (you can view it HERE or go to the friends of LIPRA links)

I personally don’t know what made me write to her, I expected no reply as usual but something inside told me to do it. So I did. I told my story, wrote down the evidence, and asked if she could at least refer us to someone. I hit send and then continued my search. I didn’t think she would reply.

To my surprise, an hour and a half after sending the email, I received a phone call at home from Melody herself stating that she not only read my email but heard the EVP’s on the site. Her concern was genuine and her willingness to help was unparalleled.

She took the time and spoke with me at great length about the case and it appeared that all parties agreed that there seemed to be a presence in the house. She agreed to help with the investigation and set up a time to visit the Jericho home with me.

Honestly I could not believe that someone of Melody’s caliber would even acknowledge our existence. I learned a lesson that day, I surmise. Not all renowned personalities are above the little people.

The date and time was set for Sept 9th at 8 pm. We would meet at my home and then proceed to Jericho. True to her word, Melody and John showed up as expected. We discussed the case a bit and set off for our client.

When we got to the Jericho location we were greeted by the homeowners with anticipation. They were truly grateful that Melody agreed to come out. (As were we)

She began with a walkthrough of the house from the basement on up. She immediately began to relate to the homeowner’s, personal references that only a family member should know. Keep in mind; she did not know the address or the family name prior to arriving.

Upon reaching the top floor, she commented on how heavy the air was, and it was. We entered the daughter’s room and she immediately began picking up on things. She felt the heaviness even more and after some discussion, we entered the attic. This is where all the activity seemed to be coming from in past investigations. Upon entering, she immediately felt like the floor was in motion, she had to grab the studs of the eaves to balance herself. This has been one phenomenon that has been experienced prior by us.

After becoming acclimated to her surroundings, Melody began to pick up on what was in the attic. One of the first things she felt was that it was a lower form of spirit, angry and angry that it was where it was. She said that it was indeed not associated with the house or the land, but she believed it was someone who possibly died in an accident in the area. She continued that this person seemed to be a bully in life and it appeared that it still was in death. It seemed to have found refuge there in the house. Video of this can be seen in the gallery.

After she finished the walkthrough, she was kind enough to do a house blessing. The homeowners needed to participate and be active in the ceremony. We walked and used a smudge stick, as well as holy water and holy oil where she would seal entryways, windows, etc. It was if the warden put a lockdown on a prison. She missed nothing.

We began in the basement and worked our way up to the top floor and once again, into the attic. At one point, during the ceremony, the Father had to leave the attic because he felt like the energy was driven right out of him. He felt nauseous and weak. I took him out sat him on the bed and made sure that he was okay. This is when I had my first personal experience of the evening.

After making sure he was okay, I was standing in the bedroom with my back to the attic door and facing the rear window. The Father went into the upstairs bathroom to get some water and that is when I felt like I was hit by a train. I felt as if something went right through me making a mad dash for the window. It was then that I realized that Melody was coming out of the attic herself, and it appeared that this angry young spirit had run from her and went through me to get out. I felt exactly as the Father did, weak; my heart was fluttering and I was sweating and nauseous. This lasted all of a few minutes but the memory will be with me for a long time.

The mood seemed lighter, the heaviness in the air was gone, and overall, a much happier place to be. We went back into the attic to have a last peek and see how it felt. It was almost laughable now. The very first thing that the Father said was "My god, I can see into the corners". I never took notice before but, he was right. It appeared as if a shadow was lifted from the corners of the rear of the attic. This seems to go back to Melody saying "… crouches and hides in the corners"

After the ceremony, we talked and Melody did a Q and A session with the children. Her attention to detail was amazing. She answered everyone’s questions and gave some suggestions on how to keep this from happening again.

In conclusion, I talked with the Mother today and she said that the whole house seemed to have a much different air about it. She didn’t get the goose bumps going into the upstairs bedroom anymore. We just need to get the daughter to sleep in there now. I will be checking back in two weeks to see how they are doing, but so far so good.

As for Melody and John, well we need to thank them again for the selfless sacrifice of their time and effort and for the fact that they were committed in helping strangers. We will always be grateful for your help.

Now, for those of you that are skeptics and don’t believe in mediums, that’s okay, you don’t need to believe. Neither did the Father in this case. He does believe now.

If you believe that mediums are phonies just bent on financial gain, well maybe there are some charlatans out there, but we were lucky enough to find the real deal. Keep in mind that Melody and John never asked for a dime.

Maybe you even believe medium's are like a placebo for the troubled. Well, even if they are, if they help a family, so what?

You honestly would need to experience something like this for yourself, so please, if you haven’t, don’t throw stones at those that have.

I will be reporting back to you all if there is any other activity with this case.

Until then, I hope to see you on the next one.