Richard Caminiti - Bio

Rich Caminiti

Richard Caminit's Bio

Age 47

Rich has been involved with the Paranormal since he can remember and before it was cool. His father was a freelance paranormal investigator and worked on many different cases (some with the Diocese of Rockville Centre). His first personal experience was one that stayed with him all his life and fueled his interest in the paranormal. Being mentored by his father, he learned the interviewing and investigating techniques of the time, much of which were limited to a pad, pencil, tape recorder and camera.  Most investigators of that era were not privy to the technologically advanced equipment that we have today. (Night vision DVR’s, EMF meters, etc)

At the age of thirteen he held his first private investigation for a friend. Claims of apparitions and electronics turning on and off by themselves were a few of the chief complaints. The lessons he learned further led him down the path of paranormal education and investigation. Slowly, gaining trust with his father, he became privy to cases that he was investigating. It was then that he learned of demonology and the dangers investigators faced while dealing with it.

At fifteen, he had a personal experience that would change his life and the lives of his friends. While he is not inclined to talk about it, he will tell you that it was of a demonic nature. All other details, he wishes to keep private and respectfully asks that you honor that.

At seventeen his love for the paranormal would take a short break however while he concentrated on law enforcement and furthering his education. Joining the Auxiliary Police he worked his way from officer to Sergeant. He would also join the Volunteer Fire department as an EMT/Firefighter. It was during these years that he realized that he had more than just the typical “hunch”. 

His careers would change during this time as well (the Auxiliary and Fire Department were strictly volunteer), giving him the investigative and skeptical skills that he uses today. From Plumber to Constable to the current IT professional, it has served him well.

Fast forward twenty some odd years, multiple experiences and one heart attack later. After which, he came to an understanding of his mortality and decided that he wanted to know the truth of what lies beyond death. Hence L.I.P.R.A. was born.