Melissa - Bio

Melissa Williamson 

Melissa - Bio

Always a fan for discovering and understanding that which is not known to her, along with her interest in mysticism, human nature and spirituality, the subject of the paranormal was one that seemed a natural fit to Melissa when her fiancé Rich proposed beginning a paranormal investigation association.

What Melissa thought was something only “professionals did”, Rich showed her how “regular people” could also help advance the validity of paranormal studies as a recognized science. Little did she know that her 20+ years in the field of programming code analysis/testing, along with computer training, would be such valuable skills in paranormal investigating and research.

When Melissa began seeing the contributions that she could make, coupled with her love for the unknown, and the assistance she could give to people that were dealing with spirits and hauntings, she knew that she had found more than a hobby with Rich in the founding of LIPRA, but a niche for her in the world to not only understand more about this fascinating field, but more so, for helping others understand that which was once a mystery to her.

Along with being the Co-Founder of LIPRA, Melissa is the group’s Case Manager and a Lead Investigator, with a focused interest in EVP collection and analysis.