Seer Or Economic Guru

Written By Richard Caminiti
Founder: The Long Island Paranormal Research Association

According to a few sensitive’s that I know, one of the most often asked questions of late, for mediums is “will the economy get better?”

In the military there is a saying, ‘It has to get worse before it gets better”
Well it appears that my good friend and confidant Mr. Joseph G. Rouse understands that very well.
Joe has been a CPA since 1984 and has foreseen economic up and down trends over the years.

Is he psychic?  No.  As a matter of fact I think he is one of the biggest skeptics out there when it comes to the paranormal.  That doesn’t stop him from analyzing trends and crunching numbers. His unique approach makes him the perfect target of naysayers. Financial consultants have even called him an idiot. But time and again, he has been proven correct in his analysis which would embarrass those that would defame him.

So, while preparing our taxes last night, he showed me his most current economic prediction if things remain the same. We are following the same trend that we did back in Nineteen Twenty Nine. The future does indeed look bleak but he wants to get the word out that it DOESN’T have to be that way. There is still time to try and fix our economic difficulties.

So with over twenty years of experience behind him, he has authored a book entitled:

“If Everyone Were Rich, Who Would Make Me Dinner?”

If Everyone Were Rich, Who Would Make Me Dinner?

Let me give you the overview of the book, you decide after that! Me, I’ll be ordering mine tonight.

“It's not your imagination: the wealthy do get wealthier, while you still struggle from paycheck to paycheck. In this eye-opening money manual, seasoned certified public accountant Joseph Rouse explores why millions of hard-working, middle-class Americans like you have such a hard time making ends meet and then delivers a no-fail plan for taking charge of your financial destiny.

Rouse examines today's social, political, and economic realities that force most people to work long hours and even multiple jobs just to get by. And he tells how and why, if you aren't careful, you will most certainly lose your ability to retire at all. 

Rouse's must-have guide to financial freedom delivers the tools and guidance you need to stop feeling helpless and start managing your finances with confidence. With his straightforward, solid, empowering approach, you will learn how to overcome every obstacle placed in your way by politicians, mass media, and your own temptations; destroy debt forever; and get on your way to building an impressive nest egg for yourself and your family.

At last, anyone and everyone can get ahead, achieve financial security, and enjoy a much-deserved, rich retirement!”

So, if you wish to order or preview the book, head on over to Joe’s Website; Or conversely click THIS LINK to go to and order a fine read at a low price.

In closing, let me add that so far I have not been able to debunk anything Joe Rouse has put forth. He is not a psychic nor does he read tarot cards. In this case, I guess that the old Sherlock Holmes adage is true; “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”

Until Next Time