Jericho Investigation - May 3rd - Clip 3 - Downstairs Living Room

Although this recording seems straightforward, it isn't. While downstairs, two investigators were sitting in the living room doing EVP work. While waiting for a response, in the quite, you will hear what sounds to be myself saying / yelling "MOVE".  Now, at the time this was recorded, no one downstairs (two investigators) recalls me yelling or saying this. I especially do not recall it, nor do I recall ANY instance of a situation that I should have said that. We did throw this piece of evidence out originally. The reason I posted it is because since then, I have been to a few conferences on the subject of EVP’s. Two well known EVP specialists (Mark and Debby Constantino) are of the opinion that entities can mimic surrounding voices to communicate. Keeping that in mind and keeping an open mind, I am re-introducing this recording as a “possible” EVP.  

Understand, I am not saying that this is truly a paranormal EVP.